For your convenience, our most common client questions are answered right here.

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Q: How long is too long for a video?

A:We recommend no longer than 30 minutes, but you know your audience better than anyone else.
It really depends on how involved your audience is with the photos and video you present.
For example, if there are 30 photos of your dog (as adorable as he or she may be), your audience may be bored after the first five.

Q: How do I determine how many photos/videos I should use?

A:Count up the number of photos you wish to use. Multiply that by 9 seconds/photo (7sec displayed, 2sec transition)
then divide by 60(sec) to get number of total minutes.
(#photos x 9)/60 = total length of video
Don’t forget to add on the number of minutes of video segments if applicable to your production

Q:Is there a limit of how many photos I can use?

A:No there is not, but remember, adding video or lots of photos will make the show much longer. If you choose a DVD or Blue Ray disk option you are limited by the capacity of the disk.

Q: If requested, can you edit any video that is sent with the photos?

A:Yes. General editing for length and/or “boring” segments not needed can be edited out and used if ok’d by the client. This will not be done unless requested specifically. A small fee may apply depending on how much editing would be required. This would be discussed with the client prior to work being done.

Q: Do you offer a money back guarantee if the production is not up to my expectations?

A: Although we strive to give the best service and outcomes to all of our clients, stuff happens. If we can’t fix what your ails your production, your money will be refunded. We do reserve the right to hold 20% for work completed.

Q: What happens to my content after the production is complete?

A:You retain all rights to your original videos, photos and upon payment, the final production. Since what is sent to us are copies of your content, it will deleted from our system upon order completion.